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12_Dining Teak Slab Table - Erick

Dining Teak Slab Table - Erick

11_Dining Teak Slab Table - Lohia

Dining Teak Slab Table - Lohia

10_Dining Teak Slab Table - Leekwand

Dining Teak Slab Table - Leekwand

9_Dining Teak Slab Table - MIchael

Dining Teak Slab Table - MIchael

8__Dining Teak Slab Table - View

Dining Teak Slab Table - View

7_Dining Teak Slab Table - Robert

Dining Teak Slab Table - Robert

6_Dining Teak Slab Table - Wayne

Dining Teak Slab Table - Wayne

1_Dining teak slab table - Rockefeller

Dining teak slab table - Rockefeller

2_Dining Teak Slab Table - Arnault

Dining Teak Slab Table - Arnault


Teak Slab Producer : An Overview of the Finest Hardwoods

The Process of Producing Teak Slabs
The process of producing teak slabs involves several steps, including harvesting the teak trees, preparing the logs, kiln-drying the wood, and milling the slabs.

Harvesting Teak Trees
The first step in producing teak slabs is to harvest the teak trees. This is typically done by hand, using a combination of chainsaws and hand tools. The teak trees are felled and then transported to the milling facility, where they will be processed into slabs.

Preparing the Logs
Once the teak logs have been transported to the milling facility, they must be prepared for the kiln-drying process. This typically involves removing any bark or knots from the logs and cutting them into rough slabs.

Kiln-Drying the Wood
The next step in producing teak slabs is to kiln-dry the wood. This process involves placing the rough slabs in a controlled environment, such as a kiln, where the temperature and humidity are carefully regulated. Kiln-drying the wood helps to remove any moisture and prevent the slabs from warping or cracking.

Milling the Slabs
Once the teak wood has been kiln-dried, it is ready to be milled into slabs. This process involves using large, specialized saws to cut the rough slabs into smooth and uniform pieces. The slabs are then sanded and finished, ready for use in furniture making, shipbuilding, and other applications.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Teak Slab Producer
When choosing a teak slab producer, there are several factors to consider, including the quality of the wood, the sustainability of the harvesting practices, and the reputation of the company.

Quality of the Wood: It is important to choose a teak slab producer that produces high-quality wood. This can be determined by examining the color, grain patterns, and overall appearance of the wood.

Quality is Main Priority

we're alaways using materials legal woods plantation from Perhutani only

Kiln dry processing is very important to make best quality table

Accuracy product sizes resulted from machinery proces and professional men

Quality Control System : start from selecting Log Woods, Timber, After Kiln Dry, After assemled, Ready Packing Products, and while lift up into Containers

Laminated each parts of teakwood timber do perfectly even for natural top slab table

Teak wood dry, perfect glue, right laminating processed by professional worker


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