Wood Product Certification

Union Europe and America in this time very intensively fight to the effort deforesting (illegal logging) which have impact very big to global warm-up. Various regulations have been released, related to usage of wood product and wood permitted to be marketed in that furniture market. Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Forestry also support with high commitment. One of the programs to realize management of forest that is with System Verification Legality Wood program (SVLK). So, how to work the certification in ahead of all buyers / retailer in Europe, American and other developed countries?

Especially in Europe and America, they oblige its importer to equip with document which can explain better origin of the wood. Because of that, all buyers always look for and ask furniture factory do them have owned certificate about utilized of wood. By owning this certificate, producer can use labels or logo at their product.
Logo at packaging or patch plate to become easiest way of recognized by all consumer. To be able to use special sign or logo from certification institution, producers have to through some phase make an audit and repair of its production system according to guidance from the certification institution.

LEI – A standard developed by Institute Eco labeling Indonesia to assess that wood product which property of LEI labels come from source which is managed by paying attention life norm, environmental norm and social norm. These LEI represent wood product certification system from local institution of First Indonesia. Till in this time, according to LEI, noted newly 3 company of wood furniture producer in Indonesia which have owned LEI certificate.

SVLK – this System Verification Legality Wood just launched 2009 by Ministry of Forestry and newly 50 companies which apply. Expense of certificating process which is not cheap becomes constraint to some of applicant coming from UKM. This System is made in one of the effort Indonesia government to lessen wild logging which have become world focus. Although in this time still not yet recognized by international world, this become very step both for industrial growth of wood in Indonesia.

GFTN – Global of Forest and Trade Network was launched by year 2003 by WWF. GFTN in this case [do] not give certification for the usage of label or logo at product. Support is GFTN member in the form of market network and guidance which in circuit with WWF. Member GFTN open to community, organization and also company owning big share in continuity of forest. Which including in it is multinational, forest organizer, company of wood processor and product, company of distribution, till retailer selling wood product in Europe market and also United States.

FSC – (Forest Stewardship Council) have come to international standard wood certification and wood product. Every company owning FSC certificate can use label or logo at its product. Its use can in the form of leaflet, iron plate patch, mould or printing at packing carton. Entire All enchaining wood distribution from forest organizer, wood distributor, industrial of wood organizer till retailer selling the wood product to consumer have to have FSC certificate before can apply label at product. In logo product have to be mentioned by special code which can be interfaced to producer corporate name. And audit inspection of material distribution at FSC certificate have long process and do not easy to, so that every company or organization which wish to have FSC certificate have to really is following of order guided by Smart wood.

TFT – (The Forest Trust) previously so called of Tropical Forest Trust since 1999 out for assist all world retailer get wood coming from source of opening and from managed forest better. TFT make an audit of and periodic inspection at forest which have owned certificate from TFT and link raw material supply to industrial factory of wood. Much the same to with FSC, producer which have become TFT member and buy wood raw material from forest which have been made an audit of by TFT can use label or logo at their product.