Method of Dipping Application

The dipping term of well known by manufacturer of outdoor furniture. In accordance with the type of the most popular finishing materials used for outdoor products namely oil, dipping method is the most fast and technically penetrate more leverage against the product.

Dipping allows the entire surface of the workpiece material coated by finishing so that the part that is hidden even be coated. Whether because of the presence of a layer of oil on the surface means the product is thoroughly protected from insect attack of timber, at least prevent the more powerful. Dipping as the application can start the process are then followed by wiping and spraying process, as well as the process could end if desired. The equipment required is also very simple and minimal technical skills. Anyone can do this dyeing process, or will be very quick and easy to learn. Equipment required only a fairly open tank fit the size of the workpiece.


Due process requires open space and dipping vessel with a hole large enough, resulting in evaporation of finishing materials to be bigger anyway so at the end of the process of finishing materials consumption became higher than the consumption of ‘theory’ according to preliminary calculations. How to resolve this fairly easy, if possible, at the time of immersion of the workpiece has not been assembled so that the ‘hole evaporation becomes smaller. Or the bus made a ‘channel’ to accommodate ‘seepage’ finishing materials and channeled back to the main tank.

The thickness of the finishing materials attached to the workpiece is very limited because dipping is more pervasive. This makes the surface gloss or gloss finishes to be low and the resulting color tends not as dark as can be produced by methods other finishing applications.

Dipping method is less suitable for products that are large and wide surfaces because dipping is not able to make the surface smoothness area have the same width and the limitations of the finishing material reservoir.

Advanced process, or would be more accurately called the dipping is an additional process of spraying a high pressure air on the parts hidden. This process is done before the process wiping. Several types of finishing materials (you must be careful before) if it does not really applies well when exposed to water will fade and this could occur if additional spraying process is not done.