Manual Wood Crabs

Manually timber crab has long time to be a major tool in the woodworking process. Has function to smooth of wood surface after process in kiln dry. So many types and forms of this manual crab tools and functions also vary. From the model and design, the model with front and rear grip is more precise and convenient to use on the desk carpenter. Now this model is more made of metal material.
And other models with handle bar transverse stem crabs more appropriate to work on a workbench. In this model there are a variety of lengths. The smallest size (about 15-18cm) is more work to smooth the wood surface that has been shaved or slightly curved wood surfaces. Size medium (20-25cm) becomes standard size in the process of refining the first time. Longest size (up to 40cm) is optimal for the long beam alignment or manufacture of the hypotenuse in the tip timber.

Section Wood Crabs (traditional) and functions:
1. Crabs Block
The main body is shaped beam size of about 25 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm with the base is very flat and smooth. Hardwood raw materials greatly affect the durability of this hand tool. At the center hole in such a way to lock the blade and wedge.
2. Trunk handle: There is a hole across the middle of the block crabs to put a wooden stick as a handle.
3. Main blade:
Approximately 44mm wide blade is an important part for timber tightly closed.
4. Knives thickening
Have function to regulate the thickness of the shavings. Blade plate is connected with the main blade with a screw that can adjust the placement of the knife blade thickening of the main.
5. Peg
Pegs to tighten the position of the knife blade against the block crabs.

Basic Usage
Measuring the thickness of the chips at the time of harvest is determined by the distance barrier with the tip of a knife blade. The more wide-chips will be bolder, but also the impetus needed to be bigger. To avoid a rough surface, reaping must be done in the direction of wood fiber to the surface.

Types of Crabs Wood
Professional carpenter to know three basic types of wood crab (manual). 3 types of crabs are common crabs, ie with a medium-size crabs used for smoothing the first time sawn timber. The second type is crab smoothing, measuring shorter and has a single blade upside down. And there are crabs that have a curved shape curved (convex) on the basis of block crabs. However, this crab has a weakness with the limited size of the arch.