Furniture Making Process

Process Components (cut, shaved, drilled, etc.)
The size of timber cut and split according to the size of the work product. If such finish measures a foot of the table is 700 x 40 x 40 mm, then the components must be prepared is 720 x 45 x 45mm, so there is tolerance for the planes and sandpaper. To get this size the carpenter would take dry board with 45mm thickness of the machine to cut a saw or ripsaw become 45mm wide. Of the process will be obtained bar / 45x45mm timber sizes. After that the beams are brought into the cutting machine with a saw to cut length 720mm. Short blocks are then sent to the machine element (planner, thicknesses or other similar) to get the size so with a smooth surface without the saw line. Done shaved (depending on the type of product as well), that component was transferred to the drilling machine, or machine (tenoner & mortiser) to make the construction. If in principle the construction process is completed, all components will end up sanding machine prior to assembly. Grit sandpaper subtlety here usually just up to the level of refinement 240 numbers.
Furniture with knock down construction is not fully through this process. There is a possibility some components need to be assembled prior to finishing, there are also assembled after the finishing process. In general, the assembly process carried out before the finishing, in order at the time was fine components will no longer be handicapped because of scratches. Assembly became one of the key product qualities, especially on the strength and durability of products. This process requires patience in order to use glue is perfect and not too much. In addition also the quality of connection (meetings / open) will only be repaired in this process. Of the entire process of furniture, the assembly process is relatively long and complicated. For products that ‘fixed’, installation of hardware are also part of the assembly process, especially for the installation of hinges, locks, and other binding instruments.
Control drawer, door, stability, and functionality of the product.
In the assembly area, issues drawer and door installation must be done perfectly. No need to have the repair process after coming out of the assembly. For products such as chairs, chairs have been assembled in a state of strong and stable (not shake) before entering the finishing room. To meet the quality standards will be many additional processes during assembly.