Finishing Warehouse and Environmental Aspects

The main function of finishing materials for wood furniture is as protective factors outside the timber of wood that can damage and reduce the durability of wood. The external factors include humidity, fungal attack and insect attack. Additional function is beauty.
As a protective material, all finishing materials (which is a liquid) is hazardous and flammable so storage must not be in vain. Some important things you need to know in terms of caring for your finishing materials will help also the efficiency of production. Beside that also for the health and safety of employees in the finishing area.

We begin propagators finishing packing material itself. Storage vessel should always be closed tightly after you use to avoid evaporation of the resulting waste material. Note also the type of your finishing materials, for this type of ‘solvent based’ should be placed in glass bottles or cans. Do not store solvent based on plastic packaging! (Eg former mineral water bottles, etc.). Chemical materials will react and risk damaging the plastic packaging is leaking.
For this type of waterbased lacquer should be collected in plastic containers or glass bottles, do not use canned because the content of the water on waterbased lacquer will ruin cans (rusted) which will rust destroys waterbased lacquer finishing solution.
Every manufacturer of finishing materials are usually already know the rule.

Various types of labels should you encounter in each packaging material finishing. From the label on the product name and label warning that the material is flammable, toxic or otherwise. Label important thing to note is labeled flammable, toxic and other labels that describe the effect on environmental health.

(1) Always stick labels on the packaging is important that you use whether it is the original manufacturer’s packaging or packaging that you provide yourself to safety.
(2) Never use drinks bottles for storing finishing materials (paint thinner, melamine, etc.) because it is very dangerous. High risk when the bottle is not in the proper place.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
This Document is important and should always be available in the storage room finishing materials. MSDS contains the names of chemicals are used to ‘mix’ finishing materials and also contains about ways to address health issues and the environment when such materials are used.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Some tools like google (clear goggles), rubber gloves and breathing mask filters should always be available in the finishing barn for everyone who works in it.

Container vessel
What is a container vessel? The possibility that the packaging is in the finishing barn leak will always exist and must be prevented as soon as possible so that leakage does not damage or create an Environmental greater losses. To this should be a kind of tub / container vessel at one corner of the warehouse floor finishing. The vessel can be made from materials that can later be removed.
Warehouse floors need to be made at a slight angle (like bathrooms) so that material spills from leaking into the vessel will flow toward the reservoir. This method should also be implemented for the outdoor area where you store drums of paint thinner.