Business Furniture Jepara dims

Center For International Researchers Fouretry Research (CIFOR), Sulthon Al Amin said the furniture industry has become a source of income in Jepara over the years. However, based on surveys in 2010 the number of business units in Jepara furniture has declined by 20 percent from 2005, into 11,597 units.

CIFOR is one of 15 research centers in the consultative group for International Agricultural Research (Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research). “The biggest decline from 12,763 units in 2005 to 8289 units in 2010 or 35 percent,” said Sulthon in Jepara The Word Carving Centre on Wednesday (13 / 7).

In fact the word Sulthon, furniture business contributed about 27 percent of the regional economy that is famous for its sculpture. Worse yet he said, the distribution of value-added obtained the furniture industry dominated by foreign players who enjoyed about 61 percent per meter cubic raw materials, while local players such as farmers’ forest, wood sellers, producers and exporters of furniture in the country only gained about 38.9 percent.

Meanwhile further Sulthon again, small craftsmen themselves are only getting about 3.6 percent of the value-added distribution. “Although more players in the furniture industry craftsmen (SMEs) but the distribution of value added is not much felt by the craftsmen, but rather the big companies that hold the products of small artisans,” he said.

The trend of volume and value of furniture exports Indonesia tends to decrease, from $ 127 million in 2005 to $ 118 million in 2007. Most of the players in this industry produce low value added products and categorized as a ‘sunset industry’ by the government (Java Pos National Network).